Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Sunday to YOU!!

Grab a cup o' java, the newspaper, especially those fun sections; the magazine, lifestyles, horoscopes,trends, comics, advise columns, and the gosssip! sections, of course! Look out your window. Don't have a nice view? Look out your window anyways. There sunshine, daylight out. Put on your favorite music, call an old friend. Better yet, get out there, anywhere you like and can relax. If you're not the kick back type, get out there and get moving. You'll feel and look great. I might go to Portland, OR. What do u recommend there. Never been. Don't tell me it's like Seattle. I liked Seattle. That was yrs. ago. G'day!!!!! :}

Monday, July 23, 2007

cup o' joe

Have a nice day!)

Star then, Star Foever

Yes, I know, Star again. Are you kidding? I've been following StarNews since her departure from the view. And, guess what? She's not ready to step back. Maybe she's not as flamboyant, but rather sleek, slick, slim, but no way understated. Those Prada glasses hide what she wants to hide, and emphasize her best features. She's no longer a diva, but have a show named, alas "Star Jones", and she has spent this past year looking for whom? Star Jones! Reynolds, that is. And she's been searching for a new apartment in NY, and has purchased another one in fabulous Miami or Miam Beach. Hey, a girl forgets! She want to be in touch with herself, whatever that means. Well, she looks better, and a lot more respectable. I guess she was trying to compensate for something and who doesn't. Hey, Star, need a place? Let me know. ;)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The New Fat Chic?

Star Jones has always been vain. Or proud. Nonapologetical about her size. Not quite happy. She lived in glamour and hid behind it. Now she's slender and obviously very happy. Queen Latifah also loves glamour and has covergirl contract. Lose weight? no way. America Ferrara? doing just fine. Mo'nique hold fatty beauty pageants. sara ramirez of grey's anatomy? is on got milk? ad w/mustache & all. Meme Roth advocates against obesity. Abuse she calls it. More diet books out. more studies stating the obvious. fast food joints going healthy. what a tug-of-war! It's late sorry for spelling/grammar. bye xoxo

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!!

Hope you have a spectacular and safe holiday, and remember what this holiday is about. You all know, right. I'll be going to NY, DC, Boston, Philly in a couple of weeks. Will post pics. Later!
Enjoy all your summer fun activities!! xoxo


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