Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Party Ideas

Party planning can be as fun as the party itself. Here are some ideas.

Theme parties-Characters are fun, but can become a little ho-hum. Not to mention expensive. Try integrating different designs and colors. Ie., Tinkerbell. Buy a few big item Tinkerbell items, and the rest could be less expensive star (pixie dust) motives. Goody bags, cups, etc. You can also use solid colors and complement the look with stickers. Elmo-choose primary colors. CareBears, pastel colors. BTW, I once tried a multi-color pastel gelatine. Follow directions, but replace cold water with evaporated milk. OR, replace all water with boiling milk in which gelatine will be dissolved. Layer in gelatine mold. Really cool. Can be used for Easter, baby showers too.

Speaking of, during Easter I would buy those white chocolate crosses and save them for special ocassions (religious celebrations.) A white choc. cross placed on a white frosted cake looks really nice. You can trim the cake with other colors if you like. Also, the hollow chocolate yellow duckies work well for baby showers. Store in a dry, cool place, covered. Don't use dark choc. ,though. Overtime, it changes color.

Those bear-shaped honey bottles-Save empty ones, fill w/pastel colored jelly beans. many places now sell single colors. Blue and pink, just blue, different shades of pink, etc. Or fill with gummy bears, (for bear-themed 1st bday, serve bear crackers too) decorate with ribbons stickers, etc.

How about forgoing characters altogether. Use simple, classic and not generic birthday theme in primary colors. Use balloon, stars, confetti, clowns motifs. Discount stores (ie 99c) have many ideas. Using colored tissue paper is cheap and easy way to decorate. Get creative Just a few ideas. :)

Via BuzzFeed