Thursday, January 18, 2007

No Comments for Kate

Fellow Blogger Kate Kretz and painter of "Blessed Art Thou" has decided to disable the comment process from her blog. Perhaps many of you know by now of the painting featuring a virginal Angelina Jolie and her three children. It also features some rather typical Wal-Mart patrons. Sorry, but that is the best I can do to describe this piece of art. Although I am not as artistic as Ms. Kretz is, I think I can appreciate her technique and the message she is trying to convey: our obsession with celebrity. I had left a comment or two on her blog and I appreciated the opportunity to express my thought. I even included a suggestion to make her painting a little less revealing (like for example this lovely cherub), since the subject was a minor. Although I did appreciate the opportunity to leave my comments and share my views on her blog, I realize that Ms. Kretz is making the best decision for her work.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's Getting Ugly, and Fat!

First it was Joy visibly upset at Star calling into the show (you know which one) talking about her boobie job. Sure, she claims they were pressed for time (is she the producer or something) but the truth is Joy was really getting sick of Star's diva status and her talking and talking about every personal little detail. That little exchange was on the blogs for a while. Then Star got her good, interrupting Joy to give an announcement ahead of time. Star knew what she was doing. If she was to leave, she would not leave quietly. Then the mentor/protege relationship aka Babwa/Star abruptly ended. Now, it's Rosie vs. Trump. It was Rosie vs. Star. (how dare she get skinny!!!!) They've called each other pig, liar, ugly, you name it. But these two characters are not hurting. Oh, no. They bask in controversy. It helps them. They live for it. They are both thick skinned, more than they want us to believe. Anyone so hypersensitive would not survive in the spotlight and those aforementioned could not survive out of it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Another year, wow. We made it. And we made resolutions for the new year. But this year all of your resolutions will be carried through. Yes, you will be richer, thinner, happier, and have lots and lots of love, you will travel to all of your dream locations, and you will succeed in everything. May all of your wishes come true. Hey, is that asking for too much? Hardly. xoxo ;)


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