Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nadya Suleman Gutierrez, Super MOM!! ;)

Yup, that’s her name, Nadya. I don’t know if the last name is Gutierrez or Suleman. I don’t know where the Gutierrez comes from, and I doubt that’s her married name. I suspect that this woman is not the biological daughter of Angela and Ed Suleman. Also, I think she might have a MySpace page. I entered some identifying data and got 3 results. One of them seems to match very closely. It’s just a speculation on my part, though. After reading this post, however, someone decided to open a Myspace acct. Bogus, of course, but very funny! Miss Nadya even hired a PR person, or spokesperson as she called herself. She refers to Nadya as her client, who happens to be educated, articulate, and of very good judgement. Oh, and that we are going to be impressed! She talked to Diane Sawyer on GMA. I guess she beat Oprah to it! What's next, The View? All in the abc family, aka Disney Co. Very fitting!


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