Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Year

Some say too much, some too little. It won't be forgotten regardless. Have we moved on? Most have. There's nothing wrong to stop and remember this day. Some cannot handle this and want all the tributes to end, or at least tone down. Painful reminder or annoyance? I guess you do what feel right for you. But many did lose loved ones and moved on in their daily lives, but they will never forget. Six years ago I was living in NY bliss. Had just arrived from Newark, NJ on United after 4 days in the wonderful city, Sept. 4th. Took a couple extra days off and went back to work that week. On 9/11 I still had "I luv NY" souvernirs to give out to coworkers in L.A. It was early morning for me and saw the devastating images on TV. People on the streets commenting about it. When I arrived at the office, radios were louder than usual. People gathered around one cubicle. Then we were allowed to watch the events in the breakroom. Finally, people were sent home. That day, instead of being excited to leave early, we left with a heavy heart. God Bless.


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