Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oy! The Controversies!!

Jordin won "America Idol". Hooray! Meme Roth of the Wedding Gown Challenge and anti-obesity advocate was not pleased. Too obese to be AI. Never heard a word from Meem about Jennifer Hudson who won an Oscar!! Oh, well. I uderstand Meme's frustrations and passion. All parents should prevent their children from becoming overweight. Totally unhealthy and think about playground bullying. Not much is known about Mrs. Roth, her education, background, or anything. Since she advocates looking good "for your man", it surprises me that no photos of her husband have graced the internet. There are pics of her lovely kids, though. They appear with her as she poses with her wedding gown on, which still fits. And it will fit for years to come, mark her words. I need to shake off the image of a 65 y/o woman still fitting into her wedding gown. I'd also like to see her in a white lycra bathing suit. Let's see what ya got, girl! She can call it the "Honeymoon Challenge". Or how about a pic of her wearing a white lace teddy. "The Wedding Night Challenge". Why stop at the ceremony and reception?? Let's give women a real motivation to be fit!

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie! And all ya lovely ladies! Where do I even begin. First, she fought with Star before she even joined the show. "She poops soup"! Star had a little spat with Joy. Remember, she called in to talk about her bood job, assuring us she was doing great, dispelling rumors to the contrary? Yeah. The woman was excited. She improved (?) her appearance, had an upcoming B-day, lost a bunch of weight, and felt 2o yrs. younger. Joy cut her off ugly. She claimed she wanted to move the show along. Who made you producer? It was personal. Then Star and Barbara got into it. Babs let Star go, and Star was not to leave quietly. Along came Rosie and she fought w/the Donald, with Barbara in the makeup room. Finally, with Elisabeth. Well, she had fought her all along, but she was also not to leave without a big bang, thus making "The View" a very HOT TOPIC!


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