Sunday, October 29, 2006

Star Jones, Campaigning?

I've been wondering what Star Jones has been up to lately. Yes, I admit it, I keep up. Immediately after her dramatic exit from The View, it was Star 24/7. Things cooled down in the weeks following. There was the occasional gossipy StarNews tidbits. She's getting her own talk show; she's getting a divorce; she's selling her NY house and moving to Florida; she's suing the tabloids; her husband's gay (we've heard that one before). I was surprised to learn that she is entering the political arena.

Well, in a way. She's been rallying for Democratic candidate for Ohio governorship, Ted Strickland. Good for her. After all, she does posses a law degree and she is a motivational speaker (speaking fees not cheap, BTW). Following her send-off from The View, Star stated that she wanted her replacement to be a woman of color and a professional. Not an actress or a singer. Oh, no, no! That is not dignified enough for such an important program as is The View, so ABC take note. Never mind that part of the program's success was due to the booking of such entertainers. Some even have cohosted and have done a pretty good job. I wish her well and I hope she considers other career options based on her brains and on glitz. Good luck, Star!


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