Monday, February 12, 2007

Wacky News

I'm sad. Just a little. Over Anna Nicole. Or over her baby, all alone. Yes, w/millions to her name (?). Poor woman did not get a chance to turn her life around. Or maybe she had way too many chances. The other day a radio talk show host said she had not hurt anybody. You know like the "Astronut" (as soon as I heard that headline, I said to myself "now that's got to be the NY Post! Yep, I was right.) Mrs. Nowak (Nowack!! haha) who had an intent to murder someone. I say she hurt her children the most. Yes, she did. Why?? It is self evident. How about the acceptance speech by MJB @ the Grammys? They cut her out. She didn't have to appologize for forgetting any names, for sure.

Hey what happened to the Rosie/Trump fight?


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