Monday, July 23, 2007

Star then, Star Foever

Yes, I know, Star again. Are you kidding? I've been following StarNews since her departure from the view. And, guess what? She's not ready to step back. Maybe she's not as flamboyant, but rather sleek, slick, slim, but no way understated. Those Prada glasses hide what she wants to hide, and emphasize her best features. She's no longer a diva, but have a show named, alas "Star Jones", and she has spent this past year looking for whom? Star Jones! Reynolds, that is. And she's been searching for a new apartment in NY, and has purchased another one in fabulous Miami or Miam Beach. Hey, a girl forgets! She want to be in touch with herself, whatever that means. Well, she looks better, and a lot more respectable. I guess she was trying to compensate for something and who doesn't. Hey, Star, need a place? Let me know. ;)


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