Wednesday, February 11, 2009


She, Nadya Suleman Gutierrez might not have a MySpace page. Someone did create a bogus profile, though. The other profiled was eerily similar. The holder of that account, is also an interesting case, to put it mildly. The physical characteristics were also very much alike. I don't see the Angelina Jolie resemblance. Well, anyways, if you are looking for that Nadya Suleman's Website, but are unable to find it, here it is. You can see the picture of the eight adorable babies, who in my opinion, are better off in loving, stable, clean homes.
There is the option to leave a comment (I did!), or make a donation. I say, SOUND OFF!!, instead. They also list an address and phone number, if you so desire to help this heroic, wonderful mother! Let them hear you instead.
NOPE! NOT NO MORE! Who was she kidding?!


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